Abbey Spring - Returning your Water to its Natural Purity

for Abbey Spring Water Coolers

White and Black Cupholder for a Vertex Pure Water Filtered Bottleless Water Cooler

Cup Holders


Add convenience with these attractive cup holders that quickly attach to any full standing cooler. Choose the color to match the cooler. Unit holds 50 count stack of 6 oz. cups.

Comes with all attachment hardware.

White CPH-1207 $20
Black CPH-1212 $20


TDS and Temperature Meter

TDS and Temperature Meter

Measure TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of incoming and RO water.

Help identify proper RO operation.

Dual Range with 0-999 digit readout.

Auto Shut-Off saves battery

TDS Meter-8012 $47.50



black Stand for Vertex PureWater 1000, Filtered Bottleless Water Cooler

Black Cooler Stand

For PWC-1000
Stand is made of sturdy plastic and specifically molded to fit under cooler without assembly - stand snaps into place.

Black Stand CS-8034 $30
for PWC-1000

Gray Stand for Vertex PureWater 1000 & 1010, Filtered Bottleless Water Cooler

Gray Cooler Stand

For PWC-1000 and PWC-1010

PWC-1000 and PWC-1010 stands are made of sturdy plastic and specifically molded to fit under cooler without assembly - they snap into place.

Gray Stand CS-8033 $30
For PWC-1000 and PWC-1010

Black stand for Vertex PureWater 2000 & 3000, Filtered Bottleless Water Cooler

Black Cooler Stand

PWC-2000 and PWC-3000
stands are black and made with recessed locating holes
for secure mounting.

Black Stand CS-8032 $40
for PWC-3000

BLack Stand CS-8047 $30
for PWC-2000

Water Pressure Test Meter

Water Pressure
Test Meter

0-150 psi with tee to install and check water pressure. 1/4” quick-fit connection on both ends.


PGA-8051 $25

Phosphate Filter for a Vertex PureWater Filtered Bottleless Water Cooler

Phosphate Filter

This is for people with high TDS and it protects the hot tank from plating out the minerals and burning out.

Phosphate filter, 2”x10” inline NSF filter $40

1 micron carbon block for a Vertex PureWater Filtered Bottleless Water Cooler

1 Micron Carbon Block

For cyst and lead reduction.

1 micron carbon block, 2.5”x12” inline NSF filter $45

Mechanical Leak Detector

ProTekk Leak Detector

Mechanical Leak Detector

  • Round-the-Clock leak detection automatically shuts off feed water supply when a leak is detected
  • Superior over-center trip mechanism insures positive valve closure
  • Easy to reset - No disassembly required Just drop in new activation cartridge

Leak Detector, 1/4" fittings LDM-1214 - $20.00


Leak Detector, 3/8" fittings LDM-217 - $20.00


4-Replacement Sponges LDS-1216 - $3.00


ProTekk water barrior with leak detector

Vertex ProTekk Water Tray / Leak Detector

The Vertex ProTekk Water Tray with Leak Detector is a drip-tray that provides water barrier protection for 3, 4 or 5 stage filtration systems that are set-up in a standard sump configuration

ProTekk –
Water Tray with Detector LDDT-1218
- $32.50


ProTekk - Water Tray only DTRO-1215 - $12.50


Leak Detector for all Vertex PureWater Filtered Bottleless Water Cooler

ALD Leak Detector

Moisture sensor stops leaks in undersink filter systems, water-coolers, refrigerators, coffee-makers, and more.
Use this leak detector/shut-off device as a low cost insurance policy for higher risk installations.

Features & Installation instructions PDF

ALD without fittings $40 each


ALD14, 1/4" fitting $2.82 each


ALD38, 3/8" fitting $4.37 each

Delivery Pump, Boster Pump


  1. Delivery Pump, for RO coolers needing to send water through auxiliary port to icemaker or coffee maker - $200.00

  2. Booster pump, increases delivery/feed water pressure to optimum psi - $135.00

Call Toll Free 1-800-844-0448 to order a pump