Abbey Spring - Returning your Water to its Natural Purity

Environmental Benefits

Woman drinking glass of waterAbbey Spring Versus Bottled Water Companies

Water is heavy and bulky. If you have a bottled water cooler your water must be shipped via large trucks on a regular basis. Picture in your mind the amount of gas, pollution and labor it takes to truck water across tens or hundreds of miles versus the amount it takes to ship one little water filter each year. When compared with bottled water the Abbey Spring filtering option is more than a significant environmental benefit.

Not only will you feel good about the environmental benefits of your Abbey Spring filtered water system, you’ll be able to enjoy virtually limitless drinking water.

Ease and Convenience

40lb 5gal water bottle
A Full 5-gallon Water Bottle Weighs About 40 Pounds

Changing a water filter with an Abbey Spring water cooler or filtration system is a simple procedure, which only needs to be done about once or twice a year. Compare this with the hassle of lifting a bulky 40 pound bottle of water on a weekly or semiweekly or even daily basis. Aside from their heft 5-gallon water bottles take up a lot of space. Storing multiple 5-gallon bottles of water can be eliminated with a water system from Abbey Spring. Easy on the budget through savings as well as fixing your expenses. No matter how much water is consumed the monthly cost stays the same. With bottled water there is no control on how much water will cost you each month.

Savings On Insurance

Cartoon of Betty changing warter bottle
Your Back is at Risk

Businesses are becoming aware, often through litigation, of back injury risks to employees who engage in heavy lifting. In addition to the threat of employee injury, consumers may also shy away from bottled water due to the delivery schedules, maintenance, and storage of the bottles themselves. Simply put, many people would rather not hassle with the lifting up or the pickup and delivery of water bottles, nor do they have the extra space to store the bottles once they arrive.

Why choose an Abbey Spring filtered bottle-less water system? That's easy to answer…

  • Save up to 80% on costs of same quantity of bottled water. The Abbey Spring filtered water system pays for itself within a year or so, and after that it's savings all the way!

  • Costs only 1/3 the price of filtered systems from most bottled water companies.

  • Substantially cheaper than renting a water filter. Buying the system and filters for our Abbey Spring filtered water system will cost an average of just $13 per month over a five year period, or only $9 a month over a 10 year period. Renting filtered water equipment will cost a staggering $35 a month, with no reduction over time!

  • No heavy bottles to lift.

  • No bottles to change – water automatically flows into sealed unit so it is always full and ready to use.

  • No running out of water if the bottles aren't replaced on time!

  • We're the greener option – no trucks or fossil fuels are needed to get our filtered water into your glass!

  • No worries about finding a place to store empty or replacement bottles.

  • Practically maintenance free! You only have to change the filters once a year – or once every six months if you really consume a lot of water – and you're set to go.

  • Different types of water filter according to your needs, including the standard carbon filter, and the optional 1 micron, reverse osmosis, ozone and ultraviolet filters for removing different types of contaminants.

  • No unsanitary open water reservoir to become contaminated with bacteria, dirt or airborne contaminants that could be a health hazard.

  • Water arrives clean and filtered direct from reservoir into your glass.

  • Abbey Spring sells over the internet so we have no business premises and few administrative overheads to pay. This means we can keep our prices very affordable.

  • We know our industry! Abbey Springs is one of the original on-line filtered water retailers and we're still going strong after twenty years competing in a two decade old field! This is because we continue to offer low prices, excellent, rapid and efficient customer service and dependable FREE phone support and back up when you need a little extra help.

  • Oh, and it helps that our filtered, contaminant free water tastes fresh and delicious every time too!

  • And that your well-hydrated family and colleagues will be more clear thinking and have more stamina and better powers of concentration, too!

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