Environmental Benefits of Water Filtration

Going green is a great option for businesses these days. It’s a win-win situation: Green solutions are often at least as affordable as older methods. They help slow the damage we’re doing to the planet. And, hey, beyond the environmental benefits, they also make great PR. Customers today like buying from companies using clever green solutions.

Well, if you already use in-office water coolers, there may be an easy green upgrade you can do any time you like! A switch to bottleless water filtration systems in your breakrooms and kitchens can bring you big financial returns, as well as using one of the most environmentally-friendly water solutions around.















The Big Environmental Benefits Of Office Water Filtration

The big problem with water is that it’s heavy, and hard to move around. It’s great in pipes, but bottles of water require huge trucks to haul around, burning gasoline. If you’re having water delivered to your business, you’re overpaying as well as helping use up fuel needlessly.

An in-office takes the water that’s already on-tap at your location and runs it through the same filtration processes that companies like AquaFina use to create their bottled water for market. Honestly, it’s like having bottled water on-tap at all times, without having to pay for trucks and strong people to transport it to you.

For that matter, office filtration systems can even give back to the environment. We’ve got a growing problem in the nation’s water supply, with chemicals and pharmaceuticals continually slipping into the water without getting filtered out by existing systems. Any spare water that runs through your bottleless and back into the system is helping cleanse the water supply, bit by bit, and without forcing people’s livers to do the job instead.

Plus, this is the sort of thing your company and your customers should enjoy talking about. It’s another bullet point on your list of green solutions. It illustrates how little everyday changes being implemented, can continue saving money and easing environmental concerns at once.


Going Green With Bottleless Water Is Win-Win

If you’re looking for a solution to get clean, great-tasting water in your office, just look to the environmental benefits of on-tap filtered water. With plenty of nice-looking coolers, countertop options, and under-the-sink models, there’s a water filtering system to fit every office. You’ll save money on having water delivered, you’ll be preventing a ton of gas from getting wasted, and you’ll even be helping filter out some of the harmful chemicals in our water supply in the process!

Just give us a call if you’d like to see bottleless water in your office, and we’ll let you know what your options are!


When you think of drinking water in your office, home or restaurant keep in mind that water purity counts. to get the best water filtration system for your . Abbey Spring has water filtration systems for businesses, schools, homes, and a complete line of specialty systems. Call 1 800 844-0448 for assistance with all your drinking water needs.

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