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Standard Carbon Filtration

Activated Carbon Filtration

Activated Carbon Filtration is an established technology that works through absorption of problematic compounds. Primarily, these filters remove taste and odor but systems will also remove some harmful contaminants.
Carbon filtration consists of a highly porous material with a very large surface area. Chemical pollutants are attracted to and held by the activated carbon’s surface. These water filters are best suited for the removal of organic compounds. This process eliminates the big offenders in city water, the most notable of which are chlorine and ammonia. Though chlorine and ammonia are touted to be safe, their chemical after-taste is generally found to be undesirable.

The carbon filters we sell at Abbey Spring filter water down to an amazing 10 microns!  We also offer filtered water coolers with carbon filters that filter down to one micron.  Filtration at this level will eliminate lead and bacteria.

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