The three most important decision points when you purchase a water cooler and filtration system are:

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Filtration Type

Carbon Filtration

• Industry standard for use with
most municipal tap water

• Carbon filter removes volatile
organic chemicals like chlorine,
ammonia, and dozens of others

• Optional 1 micron filter if you're concerned about lead and/or cysts (call for advice)

Reverse Osmosis

• State-of-the-Art Filtration for
bad tasting or high TDS tap
water, or if you have health
issues, or well water

• "RO" is same process Dasani
and Aquafina use

Other Options

Ozone for In-Tank Sanitation
Use w/ room temperature tanks

Ultra Violet (UV)
Optional add on filtration stage
for well water or other health
concerns like chemo patients
(call for advice)

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Cooler Features

Find the perfect water cooler for every type use.
Your Preferences

• Hot Water
• Ultra Hot Water (for soups)
• Cold Water
• Room Temperature Water


• Extra refrigeration compartment
• Extra large faucet area
• Room Temperature Water
• Color options

Your Water Usage

• How many water drinkers, how
much do they consume


• Cup Holder
• Cooler Stand

Abbey Spring Advantage

• Twenty years experience in an
industry two decades old
• Direct knowledge of which
coolers are most dependable
• Free phone support

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Your Cost

Invest and Save

• A relatively modest investment in an Abbey Spring water system (starting at $430) will allow you to save money on drinking water for the next 15 years.

Count Your Savings Average Monthly Cost $9

• Abbey Spring’s base package
gives you great tasting and
healthy water at a great price.

Free Phone Support

• When you purchase an Abbey
Spring’s filtration system you will receive free phone support for the life of your product.

Rent and Pay More Not offered at Abbey Spring Average Monthly Cost
$38-$65 per water cooler

• Why rent when you can buy your own equipment and save big money? Savings of 60-80% each month adds up over the years.

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Get solid advice today—call Abbey Spring and make a decision regarding your drinking water that you will be happy with for years to come. 1 800 844-0448
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