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  • Abbey Spring carries the shower filters to remove chlorine from your shower water
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Join the bottleless revolution

Why Bottleless is Better

Word is out and the bottleless water cooler revolution is in full swing. Bottleless water coolers deliver quality that is comparable to bottled water at a fraction of the cost. Convenience is also a big factor. No more lifting big heavy bottles which is a workplace hazard. With a filtered water system you have a virtually unlimited supply of pure drinking water at your fingertips 24/7.

The biggest difference between a bottled water system and a bottleless water cooler is the invoice you won’t be getting each month.

The Abbey Spring Advantage

With an Abbey Spring bottleless water cooler system you will save up to 80% off your bottled water bill. Abbey Spring provides high quality bottleless water coolers and filtration systems at rock bottom Internet pricing. Go to our testimonials page and see what our clients have to say about our customer service. To find out what kind of filtration system is best for your situation simply give us a call. At Abbey Spring we promise that your experience with us and our products bottleless water cooler be a positive one.

Full Disclosure

Bottleless (filtered) water cooler systems require running a 1\4" plumbing line from a water source to your water cooler. This is the same type of basic plumbing that supplies the icemaker in your refrigerator. Adding this extra access line in a building where there is already a bathroom, sink, or other plumbed facility, is a simple job for a handyman or maintenance person and quite possibly you!

Also, a bottleless water cooler requires a filter that you will need to replace at regular intervals. In most cases you will have to change your water filters every 12 months. If you drink a lot of water the most you will ever have to change filters is every six months. Compare this small amount of inconvenience to that of handling 45 pound bottles every week or two. To see how easy it is to change out one of our water filters go to our “videos” section and look for “how to change a water cooler filter”.

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Abbey Spring is one of the original online, filtered, bottle-less water cooler and dispenser vendors and we're still going strong after twenty years in the industry.

This is because we only offer plumbed in filtered water dispensers and products that we know work effectively and efficiently over time and because we are committed to the very best customer services and dependable lifetime telephone support.

It also helps that our prices are very affordable and can save you as much as 80% on the cost of the same amount of bottled water, and our filtered hot and chilled water tastes great every time too.

Installing a bottle-less filtered water system in your home or place of work can be a great boost to business. Numerous studies have proven that people who drink lots of water have more stamina, better powers of concentration and improved clarity of thought. The advantage of installing an Abbey Springs bottle-less water system is that we know how to match the correct filtered water cooler/heater combination to meet your personal or business needs and desires.

We offer a range of options, from fully plumbed in connected systems to a series of individual dispensers installed for your convenient use. Choose between wall mounted, under-the-sink, counter-top or free standing units, depending on your available space and number of people you wish to serve. Once installed, our water filters are virtually maintenance free, except for changing the filter once a year, or perhaps once every six months if you dispenser is in great demand. We will automatically supply you with replacement filters on a regular basis, and will supply extra filters whenever required.

We offer standard carbon filters on every unit as well as a variety of further filtering options, including 1 micron, reverse osmosis, ozone or ultraviolet filters to remove various different types and degrees of contaminants so that you get the clean fresh water taste that you prefer, every time you desire. If you are a first time buyer our Customer Service team will talk you through all the options available so that you know exactly what you are buying and the advantages of the particular system for you. We want you to be fully satisfied with your bottle-less water filter cooler and dispenser unit and join the ranks of our happy clients who are pleased to recommend us to their friends and families.

We also offer chlorine filters for showerheads and self-contained, high volume reverse osmosis filters for restaurant and light commercial multiple water dispensing areas and ice makers connected to one filter system.

Abbey Spring – we take pride in returning your water to its natural purity. Call 1 800 844 0448 to find out more.