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State of the Art Water Filtration
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Filtered Bottleless Water CoolerVertex PureWater Filtered Bottleless Water Coolers Countertop and Freestanding

Abbey Spring carries the Vertex PureWater filtered bottleless water cooler. There are models for home, office and industrial use. These coolers come in many sizes with different filter options including Standard Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet Light and Ozone Sanitation. Other options include: hot, cold and room temperature water; reboil option, Storage Capacities and gpd (gallons per day). Abbey Spring carries both Freestanding and Countertop filtered bottleless water coolers.

Undersink Water FiltersUndersink water filter

Abbey Spring carries Hydrotech & Vertex PureWater filtration systems; these include Reverse Osmosis, Carbon Block and Carbon filters with Ultraviolet Light as the final stage. All three of these filter systems tap into your cold water line and have only a dedicated faucet visible on your sink and take up no counter space. Much more information on all three of these filtration systems and why they are needed can be found in our Water Info section.

Countertop Water FilterCountertop water filter

Abbey Spring carries the PureMax Countertop Carbon Filter which requires no installation and can be taken with you when you move or are on vacation. This filter has a small hose that easily snaps on/off the end of the kitchen faucet when making purified water. The system removes sediment, chlorine, bad tastes and odors by using carbon block filter technology which provides extended life between filter changes.

Showerhead Water FilterShowerhead Healthy Water Filter

Abbey Spring carries a Showerhead Water Filter that makes economic and ecological sense. Showering with chlorinated water causes the body to absorb 4 to 5 times the chlorine you'd ever drink.

Commercial RO Water Filter Resturant and Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Abbey Spring carries Restaurant and Light Commercial RO Water Filters. These systems are five stage, self contained, high volume reverse osmosis units that can be easily applied to many circumstances such as ice makers, high volume drinking water needs (such as restaurants), or feeding multiple water dispensing areas from one filter. They are basically the same design as smaller home systems and are serviced the same way.

State-of-the-art technology

At Abbey Spring we are interested in providing you with the cleanest clearest and best tasting water possible for your investment. We are continually looking for improvements in water quality and will provide you with the best possible product at each level of the water filtration process. All our products are state of the art water filtration technology.