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Money Savings

Abbey Spring Versus Bottled Water Companies

The bottled water industry has been slow to change because of the high profits associated with delivering bottles of water to individual businesses on a regular basis. If you are taking delivery on bottles of drinking water for your office you will probably save 70 to 80% off what you are now paying by purchasing a drinking water system from Abbey Spring.

Keep in mind that purchasing a water cooler with a filtration system from Abby Spring requires an upfront purchase that may seem like a lot of money. However, after about a year you’ll experience a breakeven point on your upfront purchase and from then on you’ll be saying huge amounts on your water.

Most of the big bottled water companies now offer filtration as an alternative. If you take five or ten minutes to compare costs you’ll find that purchasing a filtered cooler from a bottled water company costs about three times as much as a comparable unit from Abbey Spring.


Abbey Spring Versus Rental Companies

As the drinking water industry has changed, water cooler rental companies have emerged. These companies will rent you a filtered water cooler. Instead of the upfront cost, plus the cost of yearly filter changes, you’ll pay a steady monthly fee for your water.

Will you be drinking water in 10 years?
Comparison: Rental Abbey Spring
After 5 years 60 mo. @ $35 = $2,100
$35 per month
Purchase + filters = $800
$13 per month

After 10 years


120 mo. @ $35 = $4,200
$35 per month
Purchase + filters = $1,050
Less than $9 per month

Computer and glass of water on desk top Abbey Spring Versus Other Online Vendors

As an online vendor Abbey Spring has among the lowest prices for water filtration systems and water coolers in the industry. Abbey Spring will not be the absolute lowest priced product at all times on the Internet. The reason Abbey Spring customers are happy to pay more is they get great service and support for their products.

Abbey Spring is one of the first companies to offer filtration systems and water coolers on the Internet. If you want a dependable vendor, along with a great price, Abbey Spring is a excellent choice.