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Britta Hydration Station

Save money and space
with the wall-mounted
Brita Hydration Station.

An unlimited supply of pure,
great tasting water for your office.


PWC-7000 bottless water cooler


Need one or two water coolers to fit into your office space? Do you want a product that is highly rated for function and longevity but won't set you back a ton of money? You won't find a better deal than Abbey Spring's PWC-1000 (see picture to the right) which is our most popular water cooler. Depending on your space requirements you can select a counter top, under-sink, or freestanding unit. And you can always set up automatic replacement orders for your filters.

Get the quality you need on a cooler that will save you money. Order online or call Abbey Spring so we can help you find the filtration system that fits your needs. If you want to learn more you can download your free guide (at left). As an Abbey Spring customer you will be happy for years to come.

If you need a water cooler/dispenser solution that takes up almost no space on your floor check out our wall-mounted Hydration Station from Brita. (see left).

Most Popular Model
PWC-1000 Bottleless Water Cooler our most popular model

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