Abbey Spring - Returning your Water to its Natural Purity

Superior Water Quality

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Bottleless water coolers deliver
superior water quality when compared
to traditional bottled water.
The Same Process

Almost all makers of bottled water start with municipal water that is filtered and then bottled. All Aquifina and Desani water, and most 5-gallon bottles, are purified tap water. When you buy a reverse osmosis water filtration system from Abbey Spring your water goes through the same filtration process as bottled water.

High Risk of Bacteria
5 gallon water bottle

Traditional water coolers require changing the water bottles on a regular basis. Though the water inside the bottles is usually clean and pure, the outside of the bottle (particularly the neck) can become contaminated through handling. Everyone who handles that bottle, from the factory to you, has picked it up by its neck. When the water bottle is placed on the cooler, the neck sits inside the cooler’s reservoir making contact with your water and inadvertently introducing bacteria, unless you sanitize it with some disinfectant first. Additionally, as water is consumed, the air drawn in from around the bottle introduces airborne contaminants to the drinking water. In time, the bacteria and the airborne contaminants will continue to increase and collect unless the customer regularly cleans and sanitizes the water cooler. In a study conducted at Boston’s Tufts University, bacteria counts from ten water coolers on campus were found to be “four times the 500 organism limit the government recommends.” With increased bacteria counts, users increase their risk of contracting gastroenteritis, an illness characterized by vomiting and diarrhea.

Plastic Off-gassing

Most 5-gallon water containers are made with hard plastic that is less prone to off-gassing than the soft plastic bottles consumers buy in supermarkets. However, even these hard plastic bottles will off-gas toxins IF they are subjected to sun and heat. On a hot day bottles of water sit on delivery trucks that are not climate controlled. Some trucks even expose the top of their plastic bottles to direct sunlight. If your address is at the end of the delivery run, the bottle that is delivered might have received significant exposure to sun and heat. This tends to compromise the quality of your water.


Since almost all bottled water is filtered tap water, it makes sense to place the filter as close as possible to the end user. This will help to avoid a myriad of problems with containers, transportation and changing out heavy bottles.

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