In the USA there may still be up to 400,000 Miles of Drinking Water Pipes Made out of Asbestos

Asbestos is probably one of the worst carcinogens known to humankind. Within the next 20-30 years it is anticipated that 300,000 Americans could die of asbestos-related cancer and a staggering 20,000,000 have probably been significantly exposed to asbestos while at work.

It is a frightening thought that even though we know the risks related to breathing in asbestos dust, the experts still cannot agree if ingesting asbestos is equally as dangerous. Those who perceive ingested asbestos as a potential health risk believe that the needle-like asbestos fibers get washed off the inside of water pipes made out of cement asbestos and are ingested into our digestive systems where they lodge in our intestines and could cause later problems.

To give you an example of the scale of the problem, a sample from Detroit showed more than 3,000,000 asbestos fibers in a single quart of tap water. A single cup of water containing asbestos fibers is probably not going to cause you problems, but since the fibers lodge within our bodies, over a lifetime you could potentially accumulate many billions of fibers and it is still not clear what the health risks of this really are.

If you, like many people, would prefer not to take the risk of ingesting asbestos, the only way to be sure of avoiding the problem is to set up an adequate water filtration and purification on your incoming water line – one that has sufficiently fine filters to sift out the tiny fibers and flush them safely away.

This type of system will also allow you to shower and bathe safely in asbestos free water, and to be sure that the food you cook is asbestos free too.

With Abbey Spring bottle-less water filtration and purification systems we can install one of more filters that will remove all asbestos and other particulates and many chemicals from your potable water and disinfect it of all bacteria, virus, mold and other contaminants.

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