Meet Stephen Steineck

Stephen Steineck, owner of Abbey Spring

In 1991 Stephen was studying to be a clergyman at an Eastern Orthodox Monastery called St. Paisius Abbey in the hills of Sonoma County. At that time he was living on the monastery grounds and worked for a bottleless water cooler company called “Water Whole.” The company was put up for sale, and in a momentous personal decision, he and his family decided to purchase the business.

The day of purchase coincided with a church feast celebrating the Theotokos (Mary the mother of Jesus). This event is known as The Feast of the Life Giving Spring. Stephen’s wife Christine and daughter Rebekah put everything together and came up with the name Abbey Spring.

Stephen was born in Canton, OH in 1950 and went to the University of Illinois in 1968. Abbey Spring is a service-oriented company. We give free lifetime phone support to our customers. We want you to be happy with your purchase, so we strive to make that happen. We were one of the first companies to move into the bottleless water cooler industry and also one of the first to offer them online.