Pure Water Cooler 7000
Pure Water Cooler 7000

Vertex Floor Standing PWC-7000

All our premium water coolers come configured with Vertex’s own advanced twist-on, twist-off filter system at no extra cost to you.   If you are looking for FK-104 filter kit (or IFA-4035, IFA-4034), click this link.

Largest Capacity Hot & Cold Water Cooler 

Sleek upscale, maximum capacity bottleless cooler with filtration provides great tasting hot and cold water from your tap for up to 70 people. The 8” opening allows larger mugs and bottles easy access for refills.  Has a built-in cup holder and extra internal storage for cups, coffee, or other sundries.


  • Two temperature – Hot and Cold
  • Cold: 37-50º F, Adjustable • Hot: 180º F, Auto control
  • 6.3 gallon total storage
  • High Capacity 100 GPD RO membrane
  • 8” opening allows larger mugs and bottles easy access for refills
  • Serves busy offices with up to 70 people
  • Taller 8” fill opening allows easy access for refills
  • 6.3 gal total water storage
  • Separate Hot/Cold Power Switches On Rear Panel
  • Built-In Filtration System Is Front Panel Accessible For Easy Replacement
  • Convenient, Enclosed, No-Drip Dispensing Faucets
  • Sealed Compressor Cooling System
  • Stainless Steel Hot And Cold Water Tanks
  • Safety Lock For Hot Water Faucet
  • Available With Ultraviolet and/or Ozone Sterilizer
  • Arrives assembled with filters installed and a kit for plumbing the cooler
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty – 3 Year Compressor Warranty

Pure Water Cooler-7000 Specifications
Shipping Weight: 80 lb.
Dimension: 17”W x 17”D x 47”H
Main tank volume 4.4gal
Cold tank volume 1.1 gal
Hot tank volume .8 gal
Cooling Rate: 1.5 gal/hr 37-50 ºF
Heating Rate: 1.5 gal/hr 180 ºF
Voltage: 115 VAC
Power Required: 600w max

Replacement filters for this cooler are here.

 Made in America

NOTE: The PWC-7000 cannot be purchased through the shopping cart 
Please call 1-800-844-0448 to make this order directly
This cooler cannot ship FedEx; it must be shipped by common carrier on a pallet 


PWC-7000F/ISO2 Cooler with Sediment and Carbon Filtration using Premium IsoTwist Filters $842.00

PWC-7000R/ISO2 Cooler with Reverse Osmosis Filtration using Premium Premium IsoTwist Filters $902.00

PWC-7000 Cooler with no filtration system $795.00
Replacement Filters and Options

ProTekk Leak Detector (+$24.00)

Ultraviolet Sterilizer (+$123.00)

Ozone In-Tank Sanitizer System Note: The ozone in-tank sanitizer system is the perfect add-on for this cooler and worth every penny. The ozone bubbles into the cooler’s room temperature tank to keep it pristine and sanitary, eliminating the need for yearly manual service and any worry. (+$190.00)

Replacement Filters set of two (FK-110 Filters, Sediment & Carbon) (+61.60)

Replacement TFC RO Membrane - (MA-4205 (100gpd) membrane pre-loaded in new housing for 7000R & 7000R/UV (+$135.00}

Replacement UV bulb for coolers with the Ultraviolet feature (+$89.10)

Inline Style Filters (rather than IsoTwist Filters) (IFA-4035, IFA-4034) (+56.10)