Vertex Pure Water Machine ?3C-4.0, 4-stage High Capacity – 75GPD 
Vertex Pure Water Machine ?3C-4.0, 4-stage High Capacity – 75GPD 

Vertex Pure Water Machine 3C-4.0


Vertex Pure Water Machine 3C-4.0
4-stage High Capacity – 75GPD 

3-vessel, 75GPD TFC membrane system

Membrane Cleans Water Faster

Use the VERTEX 3C-4.0 to make more clean, great tasting water from your tap with its 75GPD RO membrane. It eliminates the unwanted contaminants from the water used for drinking and cooking in the home. The heart of the system is the reverse osmosis membrane that removes an average of 95% of the dissolved solids in your water.

This system has 3 filter canisters for easier and faster filter replacement. The post filter is a longer lasting, larger capacity coconut shell activated carbon replaceable filter. The 75GPD membrane is in an encapsulated housing for easier replacement. The 3/8” tubing provides 50% more water flow at the faucet. All fittings are quick-connect for ease of assembly. Comes complete with connection hardware, faucet, tubing and instruction manual.


  • 3 filter canisters
  • High-capacity post filter in third canister
  • 75GPD encapsulated membrane
  • 3/8” tubing to faucet
  • All fittings quick-connect

Stage One
Sediment Filter, 5-Micron Polyspun Cartridge, 2 1/2” dia. x 9 3/4″ long

Stage two
Activated Carbon Block Filter 5 Micron, 2 1/2” dia. x 9 3/4″ long

Stage Three
Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Osmonic 75 GPD TFC @ 65 PSI Pressure Differential

Stage Four
Post-Filter, Granular Activated Carbon,
2.5 ” dia. x 9.75” Canister

4.0 Gallon Plastic Tank (metal tank available), Pre-pressurized, 2.5 gal. water capacity