Vertex Pure Water Machine Reverse Osmosis Heavy Duty & Light Commercial

For restaurant drinking water, hydroponic gardens, fish tanks, vending dispensers, autoclaves (add DI), larger in-home water needs, and for multiple locations, etc.

This 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration makes clean, good tasting, odor-free water from 150-GPD to 350-GPD.

These systems are five stage, self contained, high volume reverse osmosis units that can be easily applied to many circumstances such as ice makers, high volume drinking water needs (such as restaurants), or feeding multiple water dispensing areas from one filter. They are basically the same design as smaller home systems and are serviced the same way.

The 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration makes clean, good tasting, odor-free water from 150-GPD to 350-GPD. Up to four high-capacity RO membranes are used in series to provide the required water rate. It is supplied with a 14 gallon pressurized tank that holds 9 gallons of water. Two tanks may be used to increase the reserve to 18 gallons. The RO technology removes an average of 95% of the TDS. To further decrease the salt content, a de-ionizer cartridge can be installed as a post-filter.

NOTE: These systems cannot be purchased through the shopping cart 

Please call 1-800-844-0448 to make this order directly

This cooler cannot ship FedEx; it must be shipped by common carrier on a pallet 


PWM-150 150-GPD $795.00

PWM-250 250-GPD $910.00

PWM-350 350-GPD $1,020.00

Replacement Filters and Options:

Sediment 20" filter (+$10.00)

Carbon Block 20" filter (+$37.50)

Post GAC filter (+$25.00)

75-gpd membrane (for PWM-150) (+$81.00)

100-gpd membrane (for PWM-250/350) (+$90.00)

Deionize filter (replaces post GAC) (+$44.00)

Floor Stand (+$70.00)

Filter wrench for 20” housings (+$5.00)

Additional 14 gallon tank (+$120.00)