Toxic Information

It is a sad reality that in many areas, our nation’s potable water hygiene fails to meet the standards stipulated by our public health authorities. In many areas of the USA, the water that we use to drink is actually heavily polluted with nickel, lead and other types of heavy metals which can cause allergic skin reactions and eat away tooth enamel.

In some areas, the tap water actually contains such high concentrations of toxic arsenic, manganese, and barium that it may even contribute to high incidences of nervous system and kidney damage and even cancer and birth defects among the consuming population.

Despite the introduction of the Clean Water Act more than 40 years ago, a recent study by the New York Times showed that more and more industries are not doing all they can to prevent toxic chemical residues seeping into our potable water supply – with devastatingly toxic results.

In the last five years alone, there have been more than half a million violations nationwide of the Clean Water Act and States seem to be reluctant or unwilling to impose the necessary fines and penalties to deter the increase in industrial offenders.

In addition, almost 20 million Americans fall victim each year to waterborne pathogens such as bacteria, parasites and viruses which they inadvertently consume in inadequately treated tap water.

Almost 40% of community water systems violate the Clean Health Act each year, often due to seepage of animal and other organic wastes, agricultural pesticides and other chemicals that filter into the water supply. This translates into an incredible 23+ million people actually consuming water that could pose potentially devastating problems to their health.

Aren’t these all good enough reasons in themselves to invest in an in-house bottleless water filtration, purification and cooling system in your home or place of work?